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The Basics

Name: Rachel

Birthday: Oct. 24, 1988

Sex: Female

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Location: Royal Oak, Michigan

Hobbies: Playing Violin, Writing, Listening to Music, Walking around "downtown"



1. First and foremost, this is your opportunity to tell us a little about yourself. Who are you?:

I am a realist, however I'm not realistic to the point that I have no room to be caring or sentimental. I believe in love, but not fairytales. The glass is neither half-empty or half-full, it's just there, and it has every right to be. And if you think about it, who cares if it's half-empty or half-full? What's in the glass is my question. Is it milk? Water? Can I drink it or is it yours? On another subject, I'm a Christian. Yes, I said Christian, and no, I don't love George Bush. I also DO NOT hate homosexuals. I do my best to love and respect everyone, and not in that cheesy, fake way that everyone talks about. I make a valiant effort to just be respectful. We all have to try and live our lives, and I think that Jesus would have felt the same way. He was a cool guy who really was quite laid back. That's why I identify as a Christian. I consider myself to be intellectual because I love to learn and take great pride in what I already have accomplished. However, I'm not incredibly socially awkward, either. I'm just me. And I'm out of things to say.

2. What are your "words to live by" and why? "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" -John Lennon These words remind me that life very seldom works out how you plan, but that's what makes it interesting. Without things going wrong once in awhile, we'd miss out on a lot of our valuable experiences.

3. Would you consider yourself to be a modest person? Outwardly, yes. Inwardly, no. On the inside, I'm constantly feeling proud of myself for my accomplishments. But I can't just go around being boastful. Maybe that counts as modest. I don't know. Hopefully, I answered your question.

4. If so, please forget that you are modest for a moment and brag. What are you proud of? I recently won a scholarship from my school district. It's only awarded to two students, and I actually got it. That was amazing. Also, I played a violin solo at a concert earlier this month. I was so nervous, I barely remember it, but everyone told me I did well.

5. What are the first three things you do when you wake up in the morning & go to bed at night? When I wake up, I use the restroom, get dressed and fall back asleep. However, that's in no real order. At night, I shower, put on my PJs, and I lay in bed and think for awhile.

>6. What do you do on a rainy day? Stay in the house and listen to music.

7. If you could possess any talent, what would you choose? I'd like to be a math/science genius. I'm quite good at English and History, but Math and Science are so foreign to me. I'd like to be able to be good at all of that stuff.


u>Favorites... (10 or less, please)</u>

8. Bands/artists: The Goo Goo Dolls, The Eagles, The Killers, Foreigner

9. Lyric: "And I wonder where these dreams go when the world gets in your way. What's the point in all this screaming? You're not listening anyway." -Goo Goo Dolls

10. Movies: The Village, Coming to America, Rent, The Producers, Little Shop of Horrors, Gladiator

11. Books/plays: "Go Ask Alice" and my favorite play would be "The Crucible"

12. Inanimate objects: Ha! Probably my piano.

13. Words: Leoplurodon (not actually a word--it's from one of my favorite flash movies)


u>Opinions...</u> PLEASE support your opinion with solid reasons as to WHY you believe what you do. If you a) don't have an opinion, or b) can't back your opinion up, you are unlikely to be accepted. We want members who are able to express their opinions and articulate the reasons why they feel the way they do.

14. Abortion: I am against abortion as birth control, however, if the mother's health is in danger or in a case of rape, it would be acceptable. You have to approach abortion logically and realize that words like "abortion" are euphemisms. Abortion is killing a fetus. Abortion kills babies, but we don't say "killing babies", we say "abortion" because it's less-cruel sounding. But that doesn't change anything. People say that a fetus is not a living being. It has a heartbeat, it eats, it gets rid of waste on it's own--it is living. Therefore, abortion is killing a living being, and I think that it should be illegal except in cases of rape or for severe medical reasons.

15. Politics: Hmm...broad topic. As far as politics, I take everything on a case-by-case basis and then sort of go from there. I refuse to come right out and pick a party, especially since both parties are actually quite insane. I tend to be conservative on moral issues like abortion, however, fiscally, I am more liberal because I think education and health care come first.

16. Vegetarianism/Veganism: If you don't want to eat meat, that's fine by me. I think meat is quite tasty, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I do understand others' reasons for not eating meat. For instance, the cruel treatment of animals, which I totally hate and think should change, but I really can't change it just by not eating meat. Also, meat, particularly red meat and pork, is bad for you, but I think it's OK in moderation. As far as veganism, well, I think it's a bit extreme personally, but if you can be sure to get all your necessary nutrients elsewhere, then hey, more power to you.

>17. Literacy/communication: Also a rather broad topic. I mentioned before that I think education is incredibly important, and with the tech-savvy world we live in, people need to be educated not only as far as reading and writing, but in modern technology as well. I think every home should have a computer with internet access, and I think that secondary education should be emphasized. (By secondary education, I don't necessarily mean a 4-year college, but trade school, or field training of some kind.)

>18. Selfishness: I believe that if you give, it'll all come back to you in such a big way that being selfish won't even be worth it. I hate selfishness, and what people don't realize is that it is a very destructive personality trait.

>19. Pornography: I don't personally agree with looking at pornography, but I think people should have the choice to look at it. As a writer and reader, censorship is definitely something I fight regularly. To me, what's important as far as erotic material, is keeping it away from young audiences. I have nothing against the human body, but there are some things young kids don't need to see.

>20. Gay rights: Everyone should have rights to health care and benefits. Period. Whether you believe gay marriage is right or wrong, one must remember that gays and lesbians are people too.

21. Religion: I'm a Christian. Go me. I'm not your typical Christian though. I don't automatically agree with everything my pastor says and I think for myself. To me, "religion" is a real taboo, because religion is man-made. However, having a relationship with God is what I truly want.

22. Legalizing drugs: I support the legalization of marijuana for terminal patients. They're dying, they're in pain, and getting high is not going to hurt them. However, I don't think it should be legal for recreational use. As far as other drugs--no. They're dangerous, habit-forming, and as it is, the tobacco industry is enough to make me ill. So, let's not bring anything else into the picture.

>23. Substance abuse: I think it's a dangerous thing that goes beyond physical health dangers. Mental health is key to well being, and so substance abuse should not just be stopped, but treated.


A little more detail...

24. What are your biggest pet peeves: I know it sounds weird, but...one of my pet peeves is when I get angry at someone for making a decision that doesn't affect me. For instance, a friend of mine decided to wear holey jeans on a 20-degree day and I got so mad at her. It had nothing to do with me, but I still got mad. I know that most pet peeves deal with the person complaining usually, but I'm a little different in that sense.

25. Tell us a funny story: I used to have an lj icon that was a picture of Kevin Spacey, and one time, I commented on my best friend's livejournal. Well, her mom was looking at her email (because she's one of those cautious moms) and came across the email that lj sends to you when someone comments. Naturally the icon was at the top, and her mom said to her, "Sarah, I notice that a middle-aged Chaldean man is trying to communicate with you. You need to stop having contact with him or you can't go on the internet for a month." Sarah just looked at her mom and said, "Mom, that's Rachel who commented. And Kevin Spacey is not Chaldean."

26. Do you feel that it is more important to follow your head (logic) or your heart (intuition)? Explain: I think you need to find a balance between the two. If you follow your head all the time, you'll shut yourself off to emotion and won't find happiness/love/etc. But if you only go by what your heart says, you'll get stepped on all the time and will be so scarred from heartbreak that you'll never be able to trust anyone. I think that when something is truly right, your head and heart will agree.

27. Tell us one thing you find beautiful (it can be anything, no matter how "strange" or "unusual") and tell us why: I think the bond between family is beautiful. I was never very close with my family due to divorce and such, but whenever I've gone to other peoples' houses and seen how some families are so tight-knit, I think it's so beautiful. And personally, I think that's how all families should be.

28. Tell us one thing you find revolting and why: I hate the ignorance among people about other races and cultures. I mean, people are entitled to be racist if they want. I'm all for constitutional rights and such, but my issue is that people are just hating a certain group or race without even having an education about that group or race. People assume and pick up beliefs from very unreliable sources. What's sad is that I can see how even I have a double-standard for certain races and I get so upset with myself. At work, when I'm really tired and I get a customer who doesn't speak English, sometimes I just want to scream at them because I'm too tired and frustrated to try and understand them. I'm working on that. It's something in myself that I don't like.

29. Tell us what your socks look like (or the last pair you wore): Hmm...that last pair I wore were blue, green and light brown striped. I like stripey socks.

30. What question do you feel should be added to our application (Tell us the question AND THEN... answer it!):You should ask about career/life aspirations. Next year, I'm going to Central Michigan University and I'm going to study psychology. It's not for certain that I'm actually going to be a psychologist. I might actually be a teacher instead.

31. Did you read the rules? Yep.

32. Promote us somewhere and then link us (this is completely optional, and it will not be held against you if you don't):

33. Where/how did you find us? Someone promoted this community on my lj. Normally, I delete the promos, but this community actually looked cool.

34. What is something that has occurred in your life that you feel has contributed to your personality: Wow...I'd probably have to say that my experience in playing in the orchestra at school has really shaped a lot of who I am. It's taught me a lot about balancing a competitive attitude with genuine respect. It was undoubtedly something I'd never go back and change.
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