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*Stamped* I hope this is okay. . .if not, delete :) [01 Sep 2006|09:43am]

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but this post is asking a favor (if that's alright). It shouldn't take too much time.

Hey everyone!

This past June my father passed away due to lung cancer. I stumbled across this website where you can sign a petition that asks the President of The United States to increase funding for lung cancer research.

Here is exactly what is says:

Lung cancer continues to be the single biggest cancer killer. In 2005, an estimated 163,510 will die of lung cancer; more people than breast,
prostate, colon, liver, melanoma, and kidney cancers combined. Few people are even aware that lung cancer kills three times as many men as
prostate cancer, and nearly twice as many women as breast cancer. Prostate cancer has a 99 percent five-year survival rate and breast cancer
has an 88 percent five-year survival rate.

Over 50 percent of new lung cancer cases will be diagnosed at a very late stage – Stage IIIb or IV. Lung cancer has a five-year survival rate of
only 15 percent. That means that 85 percent of people who get lung cancer die within five years.


We, the undersigned, call on the President of the United States and the Congress to make early detection, treatment, and chemoprevention of
lung cancer a national public health priority.

We also call for adequate new funding to increase the overall 5-year survival rate to at least 50 percent by 2010.

And, here is the website:


This is very close to my heart, and although I may not know you and you may not know anyone with lung cancer, think of how many lives you could save if this goes through. In the end, it could mean your own life.


Keep up the fight and be strong.
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Stamped//Leaving [26 Jul 2006|09:58pm]

Hey everyone, I am so sorry, I know I haven't been a member long, and I posted about a week Hiatus about 5 weeks ago. I love the community but life is just consuing too much of me right now, so I am leaving all my communities, hopefully I'll be able to reapply again in the fall. Sorry again, you are all wonderful, and I do hope I can come back.
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I'm so sorry (mod) [18 Jul 2006|12:30am]

I am so sorry for my hiatus. Our community was doing so well. We'll get the back. Who's with me? :-)
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stamped:: LEaving [14 Jul 2006|10:18pm]

I'm just active here and feel I don't deserve to be on the members list.

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Stamped//Hiatus [11 Jun 2006|09:17pm]

Hey everyone, everytihng with shcool is really hectic, so I will be tkaing a two week hiatus-I'll be back the 25th.
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If this isn't allowed let me know [07 Jun 2006|11:28am]

For those who don't know, I write fiction. All my fiction(original and fanfiction) is NC-17. I also take all requests. I haven't had time to write lately, and that bothers me. So give me the excuse to write, come join and request something!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
[x]I take all requests[x]
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stamped [05 Jun 2006|09:08pm]

Go here to vote on a same sex marriage ban.

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Question [28 May 2006|07:22pm]

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Stamped (I actually remembered!) [29 May 2006|04:27pm]

I'm going to London tomorrow on a school trip to the Globe Theatre. I'll be away till Saturday, and I won't have internet access till then.

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[28 May 2006|10:15am]

Alrighty, I finished the layout.
Let me know what you guys think. I can change anything that doesn't appeal to you guys.

I'm also did some promotional, accepted, and rejected banners.
Under the cut are what I have done.
If any of the Mods like, you can post them to the info and such.

BannersCollapse )
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~mod~ Topic: Pluto [26 May 2006|12:49pm]

This is an old topic yet one that is still being debated, and I think it's a fun one, so I thought I would bring it up.

Should Pluto be considered a minor planet?

Some facts about Pluto:

Has a highly eccentric orbit that crosses Neptune's path.
Orbit's out of the plane of the solar disc.
Is smaller than most moons of the other seven planets, at 1/5 the size of our moon Luna.
Over half of it's orbit lies in the region of the Kuiper belt.
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Mod [26 May 2006|07:59am]

I'll be out of town until next Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. I just wanted to let everyone know.

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Treating women like baby-machines? Or...worse yet...chattel!?! (Moderator) [24 May 2006|12:40pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Update from the American Taliban:

"'New federal guidelines ask all females capable of conceiving a baby to treat themselves—and to be treated by the health care system—as pre-pregnant, regardless of whether they plan to get pregnant anytime soon,' reports The Washington Post. '[T]his means all women between first menstrual period and menopause should take folic acid supplements, refrain from smoking, maintain a healthy weight and keep chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes under control… [I]t's important that women follow this advice throughout their reproductive lives, because about half of pregnancies are unplanned and so much damage can be done to a fetus between conception and the time the pregnancy is confirmed.'

Color me paranoid, but ordering American women to regard themselves as "pre-pregnant" because they may harm a fetus they don't know they're carrying opens the door to prosecuting women who harm their fetuses by failing to regard themselves as "pre-pregnant." How long until 'women should… refrain from smoking [and] maintain a healthy body weight' becomes 'women must…' Does that sound paranoid? Well, so did a war on contraception once.

Oddly enough, Bush's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention don't urge straight men to regard themselves as existing in a perpetual state of "pre-fatherhood." Smoking, obesity, asthma, and diabetes could seriously hamper a man's ability to do the heavy lifting that comes with fatherhood. But Bush's CDC doesn't seem that interested in regulating the behavior of all those fat, smoking pre-fathers out there.

Gee. Isn't. That. Weird.

There is a bright side in the CDC's announcement: If we're going to regard all females as pre-pregnant, then we can, as my friend Gomez points out, regard all virgins as merely pre-fucked."
--Dan Savage

My ThoughtsCollapse )

What do you think about this?

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[23 May 2006|05:20pm]

Hello! I just wanted to ask if I'm allowed to go back and make spelling fixes on my application. I could have sworn the rules said that one isn't allowed to go back and fix mistakes for one reason or another, but it's bothering a lot of people and I feel that me typing badly because I had just come home from my job and was tired isn't accurate to the type of person I am.

Sorry to all of those who were peeved. AND I do know that peace corps isn't spelt with an e-- that was just me hitting an extra key :)
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[23 May 2006|05:47am]

Okie dokie, only got one layout suggestion, really..soo..
"silver stripes on a black background?"
- whisper_lover

Does this sound okay with everyone?
If not.. give me more suggestions. :)

By the way, I won't be able to get the layout done until after this last week of school. I have a lot of work to do. :O
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With the Lights out, it's less dangerous [22 May 2006|07:26pm]

Pleas ignore my horrible spelling :)
ApplicationCollapse )
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Application [23 May 2006|12:10am]

[ mood | content ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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~mod~ Music; live, not dead. [21 May 2006|10:20pm]

[ mood | groovy ]

Tonight I wanted to go out to eat since I had the day off and it's the weekend, so I chose to eat some barbeque vittles at a place called Famous Dave's. The best part about dinner was the live music, for Sunday night is live jam night at this particular Famous Dave's and it's always great Rhythm and Blues music.

So my topic for this post is live music. Have you been to any shows recently? What are your favorite style/genre(s) of music to hear live?

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Mod -- just updating [21 May 2006|09:31pm]

[ mood | bored ]

All of the changes are well under way!

Kayla made a post about ideas for the community layout, but no one has responded to it.
Let her know what you think here:
Idea post

Keep up the promotions, everyone, and keep this community active :-)

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Mod - Open application [20 May 2006|02:43pm]

[ mood | awake ]

We have an application open for voting.
Check here

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