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F a c e Y o u r s e l f

Another rating community..

F a c e _ Y o u r s e l f
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This is a rating community. By rating community, what we really mean is that it’s a community where we basically decide whether we like you or not based on an application (found below). We can honestly say that we do not judge on looks, and we would not be lying because you are not to post pictures; however, if you are rejected it does not make you any less of a person, it just means we don’t like you. If you are accepted you get the privilege of deciding other people’s fates...

We accept both male and female applicants.

You are accepted if the majority of your votes are a "yes," after four days.

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We highly advise you take a few short moments to read over the rules.

Rules Regarding Applicants:

01. You must apply within 1 week of joining. If you do not we will remove you from our list.
02. It is not required, but we ask that you use the HTML code for your application. It makes it easier for us to read.
03. Do not vote or post anywhere else in the community until you have been stamped. This includes the weekly discussions. If you do, your application will be denied. (Exception: you may post within your own application post with no penalty.)
04. If you are not accepted, you may reapply in 3 days.
05. You are not permitted to apply for membership after you have received 3 rejections on three separate applications.
06. If someone doesn't like you, don't whine. If you can't handle someone's opinion, you should not be applying here in the first place.
07. Place "With the lights out, it's less dangerous," in the subject line of your application.
08. When the application asks, "did you read the rules?" reply with, "damn straight." (If you have an issue with saying "damn" please state so.)
09. We should be able to read your typing. We do NOT want to decipher your elementary grammar. Suck it up, and type like a normal human being should.
10. Do not, for any reason, delete your application. This will be automatic banishment from the community.
11. Do not, under any circumstances, CHANGE your application once votes have been cast on it. This is unfair to members who have voted on your application, and it will result in automatic rejection. The only exception to this is if you have experienced HTML issues. Someone will more than likely point this out, too.
12. DO NOT post pictures with your application. It is an automatic "NO" and you lose your opportunity to reapply.
13. Your application will be accepted/denied after 3-4 days (sometimes less). You are accepted if the majority of your votes are "yes," denied if they are "no."
14. Please respect one another. I don't care how deep or philosophical your conversations may be, or how heated a debate may become, but remember where the line of respect lies.
15. Being respectful means not making rude comments when people tell you, "no." This is a rating community, and people will criticize you. If you can't handle it, that's not our problem, you shouldn't have applied. If you do make comments that the members find immature and disrespectful, we will disregard your application. If you have the nerve to delete these comments, we will ban you.
16. Make sure you read the rules for "Stamped members" also.

Rules Regarding Stamped Members:

01. When posting, please place "stamped" in the subject line, so that we know you've been accepted already.
02. Please respect each other. I don't care how deep or philosophical your conversations may be, or how heated a debate may become, but remember where the line of respect lies.
03. When voting on an applicant, your decision (yes, no, maybe) should be placed in the subject line of your comment. The +\- system is kind of cool, too. (Hint)
04. Stay active and promote us! Active can be defined as: voting on someone at least once a week or participating in the discussions.
05. If you're leaving on vacation, let us know. Just a simple, "I will be gone for (insert number of days/weeks)," will be suitable.
06. This community is about variety. I would hate to see this become a community of people who are all the same and agree with each other on almost everything. When you are reading a new application, even if you do not agree with everything they may say, look for how they backed up their opinions. Look at their strengths and weaknesses in what you feel is important in a person.
07. Posting is allowed in this community. If you have a story to share, a rant to tell, pictures to show (yes, pictures are okay once you've been accepted), lyrics you want us to see, if you need advice, if you want to start a topic, go ahead. For the most part, try and keep things suitable for all viewers. If you feel it may not be, that's fine, just make sure you warn us, and use an lj-cut.


If you break our rules, more often than not we will warn you. We will not continuously do so for each person. I know that everyone who applies can read, so we expect to see you abiding by what has been written above. It may seem like a lot, but they are very basic. If you have any questions or comments, you're welcome to contact one of your mods.

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For a better idea of what it takes to become a member of this community, go ahead and take a look at previous applications and some of the comments our members had about them.

Please be as in-depth as possible in your application. We want to see that you can think, and we want to see that you spent some time on your answer. Answers that are too short may be discredited, as it can appear that you weren't putting your "all" into the application.

If you give one-line answers, you may not be accepted into the community. We want to see everything that you have to offer. Take the plunge and make a lasting first impression on us!

Just keep that in mind as you submit your application. Thanks!

Here is the application with HTML. It bolds the questions for you. We encourage you to use it. Just type your questions AFTER the html..don't delete it. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to read...Don't put it in rich text mode. It'll fuck it all up.


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If you'd like to use these just copy what's in the text box and paste to wherever you're promoting to.

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